Thursday, March 27, 2014

'Granny meets punk' in NYC

If it's true that a room's decor should tell a story about the person who lives there, what do the rooms you've decorated say to the world?
Would anyone know who you are?
You know from the bold patterns and colors in the picture shown here that the occupant is no shrinking violet.
Meredith German, the resident, was born in the South and makes her living as a New York fashion designer. That's the story she asked Charlotte interior designer Barrie Benson to help her tell in her roughly 850-square-foot Upper West Side apartment.

The chairs are done in chintz – with black patent leather trim. This modern use for a fabric that many consider frumpy earned Benson a spot in Southern Living's April magazine.
"We call it 'a little granny meets punk,'" Benson said of the project.
A second Charlotte designer, Ruthie Sommers, also offers the magazine ideas for decorating with the shiny printed fabric. "It's coming back," Benson says confidently.
Benson's client wanted the Fazenda Lily pattern because she often admired it while growing up as a neighbor to The Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.
More recently, German was a lead designer for fashion icon Marc Jacobs, Benson said. Visually representing both aspects of her life resulted in a room that's daring with a soft side.
"I think it's really neat that a female designer in New York still wants to bring a little of her Southern past into the house," Benson said.
"It's a neat story," Benson said.

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