Thursday, February 6, 2014

How does your master bath rate?

If you had to pick one bathroom in your house to renovate, which one would it be?
Most people, 60 percent, picked the master bath, according to a recent report from Houzz, the home decor website.
That’s not so surprising. The master bath usually is one of the most-used rooms in a house, and the folks who pay the bills are likely the ones who use it.
We’ve had it with played-out fixtures (49 percent), or the rooms fall short on functionality (37 percent). And about one-third wanted a renovation to boost their home’s resale value. Bathrooms are that important.
The powder room was a renovation priority for only 5 percent of the survey takers. More (35 percent) wanted a makeover for their second full bath.
Most homeowners gutted the bathroom and start fresh (58 percent), especially the master bath (61 percent).
When the dust settled, the master baths usually have a swanky shower instead of a tub. Older consumers also prefer two sinks in the master bath. Tubs tend to be for communities with younger residents, so keep that in mind if you plan to sell.
People of all ages apparently agree that the bathroom needs more lighting: new windows (48 percent), a lighted vanity mirror (41 percent) and skylights (12 percent). And here’s a new twist – lights in the shower head (7 percent).
We told you your fixtures were probably outdated.

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