Friday, February 28, 2014

Show, conference put tiny houses in spotlight

Turns out tiny houses are of interest even in this city where McMansions are taking over some of the most sought-after neighborhoods.
Dozens of visitors came to presentations last week during opening weekend for the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show.
Even more visitors stopped by to see a 112-square-foot tiny house exhibit, said Mike Waite, executive director of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, which built the exhibit that continues this weekend.
“I talked to people who had tons of questions – ‘How do I get started’; ‘Where can I see it’; ‘Does it have to be permitted?’ ” Waite said. “I took a big book home. My wife is fascinated by it.”
Those questions are among the topics that will be covered at a Tiny House Conference that’s coming to Charlotte’s McDowell Nature Preserve on April 5-6. At $300 per ticket, it’s an event for people with a serious interest. See details at http://tinyhouse<code_dp>
Small homes are being built as weekend getaways, hunting cabins and even as housing for the homeless, Waite said. Many designs include salvaged materials.
Living in a house that’s less than 500 square feet is not for everyone, he added. But local events help people see compelling alternatives to giant homes.
“People are trying to cut their footprint to something very manageable and eliminate clutter, starting with their living space,” Waite said. “You’d just be amazed at how much can go into a small amount of space.”

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